70mm Rear End Links [Solid]


70mm solid stabilizer bar endlinks. Heavy-duty endlinks for heavy-duty users with a low-down suspension. A more flexible bushing design allows for the full range of suspension movement necessary.

*This is a set of two end links.

Designed for cars with lowered suspensions.

•Applied Models:

•Impreza [STI]4-door: 2005~2007 [2.5-liter turbocharged][Rear]

•Liberty sedan: 2004-2009 [all models][Rear]

•Liberty wagon: 2004-2009 [all models][Rear]

•Liberty Spec B: 2004-2009 [all models][Rear]

•Liberty 3.0R: 2004-2009 [3.0-liter Flat Six][Rear]

•Outback wagon: 2004-2009 [all models][Front]


SKU: S2X92G1HU070J.


•Make: Subaru Impreza
•Make: Subaru Liberty
•Make: Subaru Impreza STI
•Make: Subaru Forester
•Model Year: 2009
•Model Year: 2011
•Model Year: 2004
•Model Year: 2013
•Model Year: 2006
•Model Year: 2008
•Model Year: 2010
•Model Year: 2012
•Model Year: 2005
•Model Year: 2007
•Engine Type: EJ20 2.0 Turbo
•Engine Type: EJ25 2.5 Turbo
•Engine Type: EZ36D 3.6 N/A
•Engine Type: EJ20 2.0 N/A
•Engine Type: EJ25 2.5 N/A
•Engine Type: EZ30D 3.0 N/A
•Transmission: 5AT
•Transmission: 5MT
•Transmission: 4AT
•Transmission: 6MT