Adjustable Endlinks [70mm-80mm]


One of the weakest links in your stock Subaru suspension is the toothpick-size end-links utilized by Subaru to connect your stabilizer bar to your suspension. Not only is the mid-section on most Subaru OEM endlinks quite thin, but the joints on the end are quite loose and floppy, adding in extra play between your stabilizer bar and suspension. This extra play increases the amount of distance your car will roll, squat and dive before reacting. These adjustable Stabilizer End Links reduce the amount of free play before your stabilizer bars start acting, reducing roll in corners and squat and dive under acceleration and braking. A low-cost solution to firm up your handling performance.

Applied Models:

2010+ Legacy, Outback
2013+ Forester

•Applied Models:

•Liberty sedan: 2010+ [all models][Front]

•Liberty wagon: 2010+ [all models][Front]

•Outback wagon: 2010+ [all models][Front]

•Liberty 3.6R: 2010+ [3.6-liter Flat Six][Front]

•Forester 2.0XT: 2012+ [2.0-liter turbocharged][Front]

•Forester 2.5I: 2012+ [2.5-liter naturally aspirated][Front]


SKU: S1B10M1GU070J.


•Make: Subaru Outback
•Make: Subaru Forester
•Make: Subaru Liberty
•Model Year: 2014
•Model Year: 2011
•Model Year: 2013
•Model Year: 2015
•Model Year: 2010
•Model Year: 2012
•Engine Type: FA20 2.0 DIT Turbo
•Engine Type: EJ25 2.5 Turbo
•Transmission: 6MT
•Transmission: CVT
•Transmission: 5MT
•Transmission: 5AT