Front LCA Bushing


This Polyurethane bushing is a replacement for the soft rubber bushing at the front inside corner of the front Lower Control Arm (LCA). This is a relatively simple job, especially if you do it at the same time as the CAB bushing for the rear of the front LCA.

This will fit steel and alloy lover arms.

•Applied Models:

•Impreza WRX 5-door: 2008+ [2.5-liter turbocharged]

•Impreza WRX 4-door: 2008+ [2.5-liter turbocharged]

•Impreza 2.5i 5-door: 2008+ [2.5-liter naturally aspirated]

•Impreza 2.5i 4-door: 2008+ [2.5-liter naturally aspirated]

•Legacy sedan: 2004-2009 [all models]

•Legacy wagon: 2004-2009 [all models]

•Legacy Spec B: 2004-2009 [all models]

•Legacy Outback: 2004-2009 [all models]

•Legacy 3.0R: 2004-2009 [3.0-liter Flat Six]

•Forester 2.5XT: 2009+ [2.5-liter turbocharged]

•Forester 2.5X: 2009+ [2.5-liter naturally aspirated]

•Subaru BRZ : 2012+ [2.0-liter Naturally Aspirated]
•Toyota GT86 : 2012+ [2.0-liter Naturally Aspirated]

•XV 2013+[2.0-liter naturally aspirated]

•Exiga 2010+[2.0-liter naturally aspirated]


SKU: S2C08G1GV057T.


•Make: Subaru Outback
•Make: Subaru Liberty
•Make: Subaru Forester
•Make: Toyota GT86
•Make: Subaru Exiga
•Make: Subaru Impreza WRX
•Make: Subaru Impreza STI
•Make: Subaru BRZ
•Make: Subaru XV
•Make: Subaru Impreza
•Model Year: 2012
•Model Year: 2005
•Model Year: 2014
•Model Year: 2007
•Model Year: 2009
•Model Year: 2011
•Model Year: 2004
•Model Year: 2013
•Model Year: 2006
•Model Year: 2015
•Model Year: 2008
•Model Year: 2010
•Engine Type: FB16 1.6 DIT Turbo
•Engine Type: FA20 2.0 NA
•Engine Type: FB25 2.5 NA
•Engine Type: EJ20 2.0 Turbo
•Engine Type: EZ36D 3.6 NA
•Engine Type: EJ25 2.5 Turbo
•Engine Type: FA20 2.0 DIT Turbo
•Engine Type: FB20 2.0 NA
•Engine Type: EJ20 2.0 NA
•Engine Type: EZ30D 3.0 NA
•Engine Type: EJ25 2.5 NA
•Transmission: 5AT
•Transmission: CVT
•Transmission: 5MT
•Transmission: 4AT
•Transmission: 6AT
•Transmission: 6MT