Innovate 3832 OT-2 with LC1

Innovate 3832 OT-2 with LC1

What is the OT-2?

The OT-2 is a simple device that wirelessly connects your iPhone or iPod Touch to your vehicle. When used with the free Logworks Mobile app, the OT-2 transforms your iPhone into a wireless:

Gauge or digital dash.

Data logger.


OBDII Scan Tool.

Efficiency Meter.

What is LogWorks Mobile?

LogWorks Mobile is a FREE app for your iPhone or iPod Touch that communicates with the OT-2 device. LogWorks Mobile can be used without the OT-2 as a free dyno and efficiency meter. When combined with the OT-2, the dyno and efficiency features are significantly improved while also adding wireless gauge, OBDII scan tool and data logging capability.

How does it work?

The OT-2 utilizes your vehicles existing On-Board Diagnostic system (1996 and up OBD-II) to access “hidden” information. This process is completely safe and is currently utilized by all factory service technicians. A single plug, usually located under the dashboard, feeds information to the OT-2 device that wirelessly communicates to your iPhone or iPod Touch through the FREE Logworks Mobile application.

Will it work on my vehicle?

The OT-2 works on over 95% of vehicles manufactured after 1996. Any vehicle manufactured in 1996 or prior utilizes a different On-Board Diagnostic system that is incompatible with the OT-2 device.

Is it easy to install?

YES!!! The OT-2 can be installed in under 2 minutes by almost anyone in 4 simple steps:

1. Download the FREE LogWorks Mobile App onto your iPhone or iPod Touch, available in the iTunes app store.

2. Plug in the OT-2 to your vehicles On-Board Diagnostic (OBDII) port (usually under the driver’s side dashboard).

3. Connect to the OT-2’s WiFi signal

4. Launch the Logworks Mobile App and enjoy



Add the LC-1 which comes with its own high speed Lambda sensor and you get a high Air/Fuel ratio meter as well.