Solid Rear Stabilizer Bar [21mm]


The standard rear stabilizer bar was designed small to induce understeer, and will start to fall behind quickly when larger, stickier tires are fitted. AVO created a solid 21mm rear stabilizer bar to replace the small stock stabilizer bar to fix this area.


Includes 20mm Polyurethane stabilizer mount bushings
Solid bar design
2 adjustments to fine tune your setup

•Applied Models:

•Impreza WRX 5-door: 2008~2014 [2.5-liter turbocharged][Rear]
•Impreza WRX 4-door: 2008~2014 [2.5-liter turbocharged][Rear]

•Impreza STI 5-door: 2008~2015 [2.5-liter turbocharged][Rear]
•Impreza STI 4-door: 2008~2015 [2.5-liter turbocharged][Rear]

•Impreza i 5-door: 2008~2014 [2.0 & 2.5-liter naturally aspirated][Rear]
•Impreza i 4-door: 2008~2014 [2.0 & 2.5-liter naturally aspirated][Rear]

•Liberty sedan: 2010-2014 [all models] [Rear]
•Liberty wagon: 2010-2014 [all models] [Rear]
•Outback wagon: 2010-2014 [all models] [Rear]

•Forester XT: 2009~2013 [2.5-liter turbocharged] [Rear]
•Forester X: 2009~2013 [2.5-liter naturally aspirated] [Rear]

•XV 2013+[2.0-liter naturally aspirated] [Rear]

•Exiga 2.5I: 2010+ [2.5-liter naturally aspirated [Rear]

•Subaru BRZ : 2012+ [2.0-liter Naturally Aspirated] [Rear][Drift]
•Toyota GT86 : 2012+ [2.0-liter Naturally Aspirated] [Rear][Drift]


SKU: S2C07G1HS021J.


•Make: Subaru Impreza
•Make: Subaru Liberty
•Make: Subaru Impreza STI
•Make: Subaru Outback
•Make: Subaru Exiga
•Make: Toyota GT86
•Make: Subaru Impreza WRX
•Make: Subaru BRZ
•Make: Subaru Forester
•Make: Subaru XV
•Model Year: 2014
•Model Year: 2009
•Model Year: 2011
•Model Year: 2013
•Model Year: 2015
•Model Year: 2008
•Model Year: 2010
•Model Year: 2012
•Engine Type: EJ25 2.5 Turbo
•Engine Type: FA20 2.0 DIT Turbo
•Engine Type: FB20 2.0 NA
•Engine Type: EZ36D 3.6 NA
•Engine Type: EJ25 2.5 NA
•Engine Type: FA20 2.0 NA
•Engine Type: FB16 1.6 DIT Turbo
•Engine Type: FB25 2.5 NA
•Transmission: 6MT
•Transmission: 6AT
•Transmission: 5MT
•Transmission: 5AT
•Transmission: CVT