Sterling Power Systems- Alternator to Battery Charger 80amp AB1280

Sterling Power Systems- Alternator to Battery Charger 80amp AB1280

The Sterling Alternator to Battery Charger system is designed to be installed in charging systems where dismantling the alternator and modifying the engine wiring harness is either not desired or possible due to technical or warranty reasons.
12 Volt version for alternators upto 80Amps.
The unit applies a load on to the alternator to pull the alternator voltage down. As a result, the alternator works harder to compensate for the artificially high drain on the system. However, the alternator output voltage is pulled down to a totally useless voltage for charging batteries. So this system converts the high current, but low voltage, output and “amplifies” the voltage to charge the auxiliary battery bank at a higher voltage than the alternator output  voltage. In order to achieve fast and efficient battery charging, the software control program and settings for this product are the same as for the Sterling Digital battery chargers and the Digital advanced alternator regulator.
System selection. Ensure the rating of the charging system is higher than the output rating of the alternator.



  • Quick and simple installation
  • Increased alternator efficiency
  • Batteries charge upto 5 times faster
  • Advanced charging profile increases battery capacity and improves battery life
  • No Engine or Alternator warranty issues
  • Built in 2 bank split charge diode
  • Auxilary/Domestic batteries can be Lead acid, AGM or Gel
  • Alternator Temperature Sensor
  • Optional Remote Control with current monitoring shunts


Why not use an advanced alternator regulator?
The main problems with all standard advanced regulators are:
1) This prevents semi skilled personnel from
2) This is
not always easy to achieve and can add many hours of awkward work to an
otherwise simple installation.
3) Again this can
appear a simple thing, until a few hours work is required to pass a cable
through a bulkhead.
4) some engine/vehicle dealers raise warranty
issues if a new alternator is modified to fit an advanced regulator, with this
product, the alt is not tampered with.
5) Many new engines have E.C.U.’s (electronic control
systems) on their engine management systems, any attempt to fit an
Advanced Regulator will result in alarms going off (mostly in vehicles, motor
homes and the latest marine engines ).
6) 95% of installations using an advanced alternator regulator
also have some sort of split charger system. This product already has this
split charge s

Optional remote shown in photo.