Video Sunglasses DVR HD 720

Video Sunglasses DVR HD 720

For the first time, a product combining a quality pair of sports sunglasses with a discreet 720P HD Video camera.  You won’t believe the quality these produce.

 Only Imging have the lens angle optimised for action sports where your line of sight is by necessity on the ground in front of you. This is not however what you will want to capture on video. Imging HD Video Camera Sunglasses capture the view ahead, not the ground in front! See Video Samples
Great for  Mountain Biking, Ski, Fishing, Hunting, Horse Riding, Most Sports and any time you need a hands free HD video recorder.

Now you can record your activities without the need to wear a bulky camera on your head, body or helmet! Real video sunglasses!

 1. These are the first real HD-DV Sunglasses on the market
2. All in one sport sunglasses mini dvr camera recorder with 1280X720P HD video recording resolution.
 3. Real hardware decoding, 1280*720P, 30fps. HD solution video with big size display window,
 4. 3 mega pixels pinhole CMOS hidden camera.
5 .Video Stabilization: Hand shake compensation during video capture.
6. Motion detection stabilization.
7 .Noise Removal and High ISO: 1).Advanced filter to smooth noisy area; 2).High ISO implementation to reduce hand shake blur for Clear Image; 3).ISO 1600-3200.
8. Advanced Audio Codec: 16 bit data sample.
9. High speed recording and quick change to varying light conditions.
10.Lighting Adjustment:1).Automatic histogram analysis; 2).Increase low tone detail and reserve high tone; 3). Automatic backlight adjustment
11 .USB 2.0 high speed.
12. High capacity micro SD card UP to 32GB.
13. USB connection fro file transfer and charging.
14. 12 mega pixel snapshot function.  Photo every 3 second mode snapshooting/jpg format(4623*2600pixels).
15. Powerful functions: HD Video Camera, audio recorder, Photograph, PC-CAM and USB drive.
16. Real Time & Date display in HD quality, never let memorable moments sneak away from life. Time/date can be turned off
17. Cycled recording Optional) and repeat storage when storage is full, record the every exciting moment.
18 .Great for extreme sports, bike, spy, security, surveillance and Investigation

$134.00 $99.00

•1.High quality brand Polarising lens
2.Different colors of lens or frame are available for your muti-options
3.3 mega pixels pinhole CMOS hidden camera for clear digital recording
4.No special driver required so it is easy to use with a PC MAC or laptop
5.Sleek and elegant design suites both, men and women
6.User-friendly operation button for easy control
7.Solo Audio recording function
8.Built-in high-performance rechargeable lithium battery
9.Perfect for athletes, journalists, traffic police, travelers, students and also usable in any other situations
10.Widely used on moving vehicles, car accident recording evidence, criminal investigation, outdoor sport, cycling, mountain biking, snowboarding, fishing, family activity and so on.

◦Standard package includes:
◦1. 1 x Sunglasses HD DVR with Polarising Lens
2. 1 x black neioprene case
3. 1 x lens cleaning cloth
4. 1 x USB Extension Cable
5. 1 x User Manual
6. 1 x Mains Charger
7. 1 x gift box
◦8. 4GB Micro SD Card (or you can upsize this right up to 32GB)
FAQQ1. How Long does the battery last between charges?Approx 2 hoursQ2. How long does a 16GB SD card record for?2.5-3 hoursQ3. Does it show date/time on the video and can I turn it off?The date and time can be set and it can be turned on or off as desired. It’s simply a matter of saving a small text file to your memory card. To set date/time and turn stamp on or off Click Here for the file and Instructions.Q4. Does it work with a MAC or PC?Yes. Video format is the commonly used AVI and the camera can be connected via the USB cable supplied.Q5. Do I need a special player to view the files?No. The standard player on your computer should be fine.Q6. Can I change the lenses?Yes. Optional lenses will be available on Mirror Blue, Dark Grey, Grey,Yellow and ClearQ7. How do I charge the battery?You can charge the battery by connecting to the USB port on your computer or with the AC Charger supplied. USB Car chargers are also available on our website..