BAINTECH Universal DC Socket Power Board – Left Drop

The BAINTECH Universal Power Socket Panel is a simple D.I.Y fit and forget solution and is ideal for traveller’s on the move. The compact sleek design allows you to power, recharge and monitor a multitude of DC products such as Fridges, Lights, Digital Cameras, GPS, iPOD_s and Mobiles Phones. All you will require on installation is a battery, extra DC cabling and connectors. Then  the BAINTECH Universal Power Socket Panel will manage the rest.


•Left Drop
•Ready to wire to your battery
•Surface Mount – PVC Housing
•Digital LCD Backlit Display
•Circuit Breaker Protected
•On/Off Isolation Switch
•Cigarette and Merit Sockets
•2 Year Warranty

Technical Specifications •1 x 0.2 Resolution Digital Volt/Amp Meter
•1 x 20 Amp Reset Circuit Breaker
•2 x Merit Sockets
•1 x Cigarette Socket
•1 x On/Off Isolation Switch
•Dimensions (LxWxH): 205x75x60mm
•Weight: 400g

Who knew you’d want to run a power hungry fridge in your 4WD?

Probably not the vehicle manufacturer. Sure, there’s the 12v cigarette dash outlet, but that won’t let you safely or reliably run an energy burning accessory like a fridge. And you need more than your 12v cigarette dash outlet if you want to charge or power a few devices like your mobile phone, your GPS and your IPOD. Bainbridge introduces a solution for today’s 4WD travellers: the Baintech Universal Power Socket Panel. It’s simple enough to connect to an auxiliary battery and install yourself. And it’s smart enough to power, charge and monitor multiple devices – even that power hungry fridge!

Now you don’t have to choose which electronic devices to leave at home.
•Runs multiple DC devices like fridges, lights,
digital cameras, GPSs, IPODs, mobile phones
•Powers, recharges AND monitors
•Simple DIY vehicle installation