ECU Tuning

Modern vehicles have an ECU (electronic control unit) which ensures your car runs to manufacture specifications. Things such as ignition timing, fuel injection, throttle position, valve control are all controlled by the ECU. Manufacturers generally program their ECU’s for the average driver – allowing for factors such as variation in fuel quality, sensor inaccuracy, mechanical tolerances and emissions. This can result in a compromised and conservative factory “tune”, often lacking in throttle responsiveness and power.

All suitable vehicles can benefit from a custom tune (even an unmodified vehicle). Depending on your specific vehicle and requirements, a custom tune can be performed on either the factory ECU (flash tune), an aftermarket chip or replacement ECU.

A custom tune to suit your vehicle, driving style and fuel type can result in a very different feeling car.

An increase in power
Improved torque range
Quicker throttle response
Reduced turbo lag

You’ll often see an improvement in fuel efficiency too.

As soon as you begin to modify a vehicle, the factory tune will struggle to maintain it’s target specifications – it may run rich or lean, run rough or struggle to reach boost. This is where there are huge benefits to custom ECU tuning – unleashing the full potential of your modifications.

No two cars are the same, and Autocraft tailors all our tunes for your exact vehicle. Utilising the latest in tuning hardware and software, we create a customised tune for each customer. Unlike off-the-shelf flash tunes, a custom tune will get it right first time.

Talk to us today for advice on how to get the most out of your vehicle through ECU tuning.

Subaru/Mitsubishi Flash Tuning


A flash tune is not a replacement ECU, but rather a change of software configuration on the factory ECU. This makes it a very cost-effective way to maximise the potential of your vehicle, improving its drivability while retaining the factory reliability and safety of the stock ECU. Flash tunes can be performed on heavily modified vehicles through to completely stock vehicles. With a custom flash tune from Autocraft, you’ll be amazed at how limited your car was from the factory and will no doubt drive away with a huge smile on your face!

European Vehicle Tuning (Audi, Porche, VW, Skoda)


Autocraft is proud to be an authorised dealer for some of the highest quality tuning solutions for European vehicles – including APR, Racingline and Harding Performance.
Whether you simply want to enhance your driving experience for daily use, or if you want to maximise the full potential of your vehicle for competitive racing – Autocraft have a solution for you.


Aftermarket ECU Tuning


Aftermarket ECU’s give you full control of your vehicles engine management, and are perfect if your vehicle modifications have outgrown your factory ECU capabilities. We have experience in a wide range of aftermarket ECU’s such as Autronic, Haltech, Link, MicroTech, Motec, Power FC, ViPEC and Wolf — each having different pro’s and con’s. If you have not yet decided on which direction to go with your ECU, come and chat to us – our insight can help you choose the best ECU for your project.


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